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Classic New York Egg Cream

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Sometimes you just get an urge for an egg cream! New Yorkers know exactly what we're talking about, but if you have never had or heard of an egg cream, it has nothing to do with eggs. Some people suspect that "A" grade milk was used to make the drink, and people called it "A" Cream, which morphed over time into Egg Cream just because of how it sounded. No one knows for sure, and supposedly the origin of the name is "lost in time," but whatever the case, it's tasty. We are pretty sure that the egg cream was the creation of NYC's Jewish immigrants, and its most commonly cited inventor is Louis Auster. Auster is said to have served the first egg creams in the 1890s from his Brooklyn candy shop.

In order to make an authentic, New York egg cream, you have to use Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup, made in Brooklyn since 1895. Our friend Ina Garten's recipe is right on the money. She's a Brooklyn gal, so you know it's the real deal! Grab a bottle of U-Bet with your next order and whip these up for your friends and family.

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Lynda Sylvester's Favorite Bag For 2017

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All of us at Sylvester & Co. are constantly hunting for amazingly cool and functional products to bring you year after year. The handbag market is vast and often exhausting. Frequently we struggle to fill this category with bags that really dazzle.

The Kintla vegan leather satchel by Matt + Nat is an exception. We've all fallen head over heels for this great bag that offers a 13" laptop compartment, a smartphone pocket, extra sturdy handles, removable strap and deep and separate sections for everything you need to carry.

Lynda Sylvester was the first of us to snag one of these beauties, and has now got us all swooning over it too. Here's what she had to say about the magical Kintla.

"What I love about this bag is I feel like I have an assistant when I am traveling or working.
The compartment in the middle allows safe passage for my laptop, and there's lots of room in the side compartment for other needed supplies. It stands up to the rigors of being bumped along the floor of the Jitney or any other hostile surface.
I love that it just stands up, next to me at a restaurant or in a meeting, and never flops around - no tipping over, no spilling out. I also love that it's vegan leather and I am able to keep it completely clean and unscathed to the day to day activities of life. I have many bags but this one is reliable and efficient." - Lynda

Stop by the shop and take the Kintla for a spin in person, or check it out online HERE.

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“Charcoal drawings look so unlike anything else in the world, they have their own light, their own density.” - April Gornik

Landscape artist April Gornik personally signed copies of her book Drawings just for us!

This book is an extensive compilation of the artist's charcoal works from 1984 and on. Lush and wide-ranging in scope and subject, these landscapes call out the wild and the cultivated, from the desert to the forest to the sea, and show both the progress and consistency in her evocative approach to drawing. April is a local Sag Harbor favorite and friend of the store, and we are so excited to present these specially signed copies online and in our shop. They're the perfect gift for art lovers and collectors, and especially fans of April's renowned landscapes. The beautiful and unique binding perfectly compliments the stunning work inside.


  • Essays by Steve Martin and Archie Rand
  • An interview with April Gornik conducted by Lawrence Weschler about her approach to her studio practice and her life
  • A musical offering by Bruce Wolosoff inspired by one of April's drawings


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