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We got our first glimpse at Bob Tabor's equestrian photography in his book Horse/Human. Seeing this incredible work at a large scale, framed beautifully in wood, is truly something unique to behold. Bob has a distinct style and point of view on these beautiful creatures, and we hope you'll stop by our Sag Harbor store to see this work in person as well as online. Here's more about the artist:

Bob Tabor is known for his large format prints of equestrian portraits and stunning seascapes. His unique approach to his work creates an intimate visceral experience for the viewer.  Bob’s sensitive insight allows him to capture images with a signature style that is extraordinary. 

For his equestrian portraits, only natural light is used to illuminate his subjects. The original background is then removed and replaced with either black or white. The image is then dramatically cropped to enhance the graphic elements. 

All artwork is printed in Limited Editions, signed and numbered by the artist and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.  The prints are made with archival paper and inks and are available with traditional framing or the diasec process (mounted on plexi).  His work can be seen in Ralph Lauren shops on four continents, private collections and galleries worldwide.  Bob is available for equestrian portrait commissions.