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   Inspired by Margaret Annie Johnson aka Maya Angelo, we know him by the shortened name Jor Smith Michel. Born, Jordon Michael Smith Mitchell he drew on tables in the classroom and created drawings for classmates for a dollar. Art came natural and his early commissions inspired him. When Jor Smith Michel was 12, he was sponsored by a program called G.O.Y.A. (Guild of Youth Artists) where he sold 2 pieces of art at the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences Museum in Savannah, GA. He only created two pieces of art, and they both sold the same day at the exhibit. One was a hand sculpted clock, painted and made of clay (titled: The Human Clock). The other was a hand crafted stool painted with an African theme (titled: The African Stool).  Moreover, immediately following his first exhibit, Jor Smith Michel was featured on local news station, WTOC, for being such a young and talented upcoming composing artist.

   At 13, in one year, he painted 2 murals in the surrounding area of Savannah. One was for a local a hospital, and the other a sandwich company branded Schlotzsky's deli. American artist, Jor Smith Michel was heavily influenced by art in many ways during adolescence when he resided in Europe for 4 years; albeit, his mother was a 1st Sergeant Major in the military.  As a Georgia native and local, this was his first time seeing works by Rothko, Basquiat, Klimt, Lichtenstein, Koons, Kaws, Banksy, Pablo, Leonardo, Pollock, Warhol, Condo, and Matisse, to name a few. This life changing experience led Jor to be heavily inspired to rediscover his childhood designs.

   Relentlessly, he sketched and studied to build his name and a new pedigree. Then there was the dark period. Dormant from fame and confined his art studio, Michel grew to become the lad we know today. He has composed hundreds of different mediums throughout the years. Influenced by his city's artsy character, great artists, life, and sketch book collection, Jor Michel's art subtlety captivates the conscious and subconscious thinkers. With his abstract style, dark tones, bright colors, splatters of paint, and undefined lines, the rhythm of his brush strokes has a style of its own. His style is surely neo hyper eclecticism, ushering in a wave of new, young, and experimental art.


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