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J.W. Martin


J.W. Martin is an award-winning American artist whose work ranges from the photographic to the painterly, with a passionate interest in the forces of nature.

J.W.’s recent work chronicles “The Life of Clouds” in various locations around the world from the East End of Long Island to the most eastern point of Australia. Whether capturing distant rain or the patterns and colors of a fleeting moment in time, the work ranges from sudden drama to serene skyscapes, each image a critical moment in the immense and changing life of clouds. 

For the next series, Martin is making a trip to Iceland, to chronicle water and sky from its unique vantage point. 

J.W.’s photographs have been exhibited in numerous museums, art fairs and galleries in New York City, the Hamptons, Miami, Santa Fe,  Dallas, Los Angeles and Europe – including solo exhibitions at Guild Hall Museum and Islip Art Museum — and most recently at Market Art + Design in Bridgehampton, NY. Martin’s work is also in the permanent collection of the Parrish Art Museum, Guild Hall Museum and corporate and private collections throughout the world.


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