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“I love the moment when the viewer is first drawn to an image. Sometimes it’s indefinable; a moment when the viewer not only shares but also reconnects to an experience remembered. When that moment comes, I’ll do whatever I can to make it possible for a client to have the art that moves them...”   -Robin Rice

Robin Rice’s mission is simple: to document the world around her in a cinematic way. Whether capturing the innate beauty of tucked-away South American landscapes or the reflective moments of unknowing subjects, her photographs are always candid. As a photographer, Robin has an earthy and bohemian way of portraying people and situations that is reflective of the way she lives life. When she is not searching for inspiration from local people and places around the world, she runs The Robin Rice Gallery in New York City. As an artist who feels lucky to be able to parlay her love of the photographic medium into a career, she treats her gallery like a family rather than a business and is dedicated to supporting the work of established and local artists.

Blessed with an extraordinary eye, owner Robin Rice has a penchant for choosing or creating works that evoke classic and foreign film imagery - whether reminiscent of Billy Wilder’s take on the Hamptons from his 1954 film Sabrina or a poster for one of Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Westerns.


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